04 February, 2010

First Post.

Hello, everyone!

I'm John, and I'm here to answer your questions about... well, anything, really.

The purpose of this blog is three-fold: a continual writing prompt for me; a source of bi-weekly entertainment for you; and an engaging, interactive way to bring back the 'art of conversation'.

The only way this blog can thrive is through continual input from readers like you, and I encourage commenting below and putting in your two cents. Please, be a semblance of intelligence and civility. It's all I ask.
Well, that and proofreading.

Questions about cars? I'll answer it. Do you have questions about the stars, and bars and how not to name your first born child Larry? I can do that, too. Love life a wreck, or want advice about movies and music? Sure, I'll take a stab at it.

I can't promise life changing results, but I do promise honesty and the creative precision of a life-long smart ass.

I'll be building the site up over the next year, so keep in contact and we'll suss this shite out as best as possible.




  1. What do you say about people who are self-indulgent wieners?

    See below

  2. Does a Woodchuck really chuck wood?