21 February, 2011

Pop Culture Poetry #1

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Hi! welcome to Pop Culture Poetry!

You give me the topic and the poetic form and I make a poem for you! A terrible, terrible ( sometimes enlightening) poem.

Today I give you a poem about an older wizard's reminisces of his salad days. I call it:
Copyright Warner Bros.

Portkey Of My Heart
Form: Free Verse--

Fondly I look back upon those Hogwarts days,
Idly on the flowered hills while hypogriffs
soared above in azure skies.
The enchanting scent of her hair,
Her impassioned love-cries:
"Engorgio! Engorgio!"
Stolen moments under the quidditch stands,
She fondled my bludger so delicately.
Immortal words were whispered that day,
She gave to me her one gift everlasting:
The Magic Clap.

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